The Screwed up System

As it is well known that there are Indians at the epitome of many of the biggest organizations in the world. Many have given the education system credit for it. I completely disagree with them. These people have studied in different educational environments around the world and reached the positions with their immense efforts and hard work over long time. I don't want to talk about what made them succeed rather I would just like to discuss the way the India Education System works. It all starts when you are a kid. Instead of teaching you values that are necessary to live a proper respectable life what we are taught is A B C D E. It is embedded into our systems that we have to do things the specified way. We are not allowed to go beyond what we are taught and if a free bird tries to get away his wings are chopped of by means of punishments. In the tender ages we are taught to compete with each other rather than helping, sharing and caring. The people who should be cultivatin
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